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Our main focus is you

1.All the ingredients of products from our product line do not use synthetic
harmful components (27 or more synthetic harmful substances, even small
quantities of which are controversial globally), such as synthetic surfactants,
preservatives, pigments, fragrances, and alcohol that may have dermal toxicity.

2. In order to minimize skin irritation, the ampules that we use on each treatment are the RS-1 SCALING Ampoule, RS-2 SCALP Nutrition ampoule, RS-3 SKIN Nutrition ampoule; it contains US EWG’s “Green” safety grade ingredients, it has been carefully selected and used safely in the product.

3.Our products are global anti-aging premium scalp care products specially formulated with golden formulations based on 20 years or more of clinical research and medical researchers.

4.Lydia 153 is based on a management philosophy that values people and the planet.

5.Based on the scalp safety solution thoroughly designed within the scientific system for 20 years, We provide customized prescriptions for each individual by precisely diagnosing customers' various scalp conditions with a smart program.

6.We aim for safe scalp care for everyone by excluding synthetic ingredients that are harmful to the skin and only using ingredients that are hypoallergenic to the skin.

7.Complementing the limitations of existing scalp care, it uses patented IT appropriate technology to safely revive scalp health without electric current stimulation.

Now, you can experience premium scalp care that was created with the know-how of a global scalp expert group.


Make earth healthy, make people beautiful.

Lydia hair loss aims to become a company that practices, and develop products and systems that are safe for everyone –

we avoid anything that is harmful to the earth and its people.


Nature provides to us very much, but it has also taken away from us.

Villages have disappeared through floods; the global temperature is rising day by day; and the glaciers are gradually melting.

Isn’t it our fault for damaging nature for the sake of development and harming it in the guise of development?

We are part of the planet, too, therefore we intends to start creating habits for ours and the planet’s sake – even though this may come with some minor discomforts.

Through this intention our slogan was born: “Keep the earth healthy and people beautiful”  


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