We use an innovative method to precisely assess each customer’s unique scalp concerns in order to deliver individualized treatment strategies.

Smart and Accurate Analysis

We do a scalp analysis, an automated sample comparison, a thorough review, and a personalized recommendation as part of our precision evaluation.

Notable Developments

Our recommended components are mild, EWG GREEN certified raw materials, so you’ll notice a difference between “before use” and “after use” right away.

Custom Instructions

To generate custom instructions, we blend RS-Ampoule serums designed for each kind of scalp. Our products are devoid of potentially dangerous synthetic ingredients including silicone, surfactants, pigments, parabens, and preservatives.

Trust our effective process for finding the ideal products for you:

  • Exfoliating Scalp Serum- Blend of 10+ natural extracts to remove keratin, clean pores, relieve itching and inflammation 
  • Nourishing Scalp Serum – Activates scalp and hair follicles using boswellia, green tea, malt extract and panthenol. 
  • Moisturizing Skin Serum – Developed with vitamins, botanicals, betaglucan and bean paste to improve skin tone, anti-aging, hydration and soothing.

The greatest products for you

  1. Scalp/skin scaling ampoule: a combination of over ten natural extracts, including organic Indian neem blossoms and bioflavonoid, this is most likely used for keratin removal, pore cleaning, itching alleviation, and anti-inflammatory activity.
  2. Scalpnourising ampoule: Based on boswelia, green tea, malt extract, and pantanol, this product is used to activate scalp, hair, and cell function, as well as enhance the scalp environment.
  3. Skin moisturizing ampoule: This is a product developed with vitamins, wood extract, betaglican , and bean paste for skin tone enhancement, anti-aging, moisturizing, and sedative activity.

Scalp care

We employ innovative IT-appropriate technology to securely restore scalp health without electric current stimulation, complementing the limits of conventional scalp care. You may now take advantage of quality scalp care that was developed with the assistance of a world-wide group of scalp experts.  The procedure cleans the scalp of wastes (fine dust, leftover colors, sebum oxides, etc.) and collected keratin without irritating the scalp or rubbing it.
  • Ultra-pressure nutrition and energy penetration: Our device provides nutrients into the dermis painlessly, without the need for needles or currents, thanks to the Jet Bullet Effect, which is based on aviation technology. It promotes the growth of hair cells by stimulating dermal fibroblasts. The scalp environment can be improved without compromising the scalp barrier. Improved scalp environment through non-ionized nutrient delivery into the derma following decomposition using high-pressure energy from supersonic jet streams applied with aerodynamic technologies, free from current stimulation and needles to promote cell proliferation and healing by stimulating fibroblast, and by causing no harm to the scalp protection barrier.

  • Revolution in Anti Aging Scalp Treatment : The aging scalp is where 70% of the aging face starts. Face wrinkles and drooping eyelids can be avoided and delayed with proper scalp care. Aging scalp and face may be REVITALIZED using Lydia153’s revolutionary technology and therapeutic methods.

  • Advanced Jet scalp treatment perfect face line :  JET AIR is used in Lydia153’s Jet Scalp and Face Treatment, and all-natural components are used to make the cupping and care products. The process is painless and safe.

A Breakthrough in Anti-Aging for Your Scalp and Face!


Our treatments

Sensitive scalp care

Strengthens scalp immunity, strengthens capillaries, and increases scalp flexibility by strengthening the scalp barrier. This improves scalp tone and decreases sebum production. After-dye chemical residue removal and discomfort alleviation for sensitive scalp Significantly less dead skin cells coated with thick scales and increased oxygen supply to the scalp

Female hair loss scalp care

Reducing female hair loss crown density and enhancing root volume and scalp layer Female hairline hair loss density has been decreased and new hair growth is encouraged. Female hair loss due to stress Parietal density enhancement and scalp layer reinforcement Anti-cancer hair loss strengthens scalp immunity and encourages new hair growth.

Male hair loss scalp care

Improved crown density and hair thickness Hairline M-shaped hair density improvement and hair thickness improvement Improvement of hair density on the hairline for deep hair loss and promotion of new hair on the crown Durability and economy Nutrient penetration is increased by original fine nozzles, which are particularly developed using the 3-pin steel technique. It has a lengthy useful life.

Head spa

  • Circular massage around lymphatic glands
    Our technology, which makes use of the SNB System, uses a special de-pressurization technique quite different from conventional negative pressure in order to provide a variety of soothing massages on the shoulder, neck, and scalp while enhancing lymphatic and blood circulation without requiring you to take off your clothes. Even hairy scalps might benefit from lymph circulation and larynx muscle relaxation massages.

  • Anti-aging beauty care 
    Our equipment effectively prevents drooping face skin and wrinkles by stimulating the epicranial aponeurosis and the SMAS layer of the skin with a carefully programmed massage function for skin aging prevention.

  • Management before and after hair transplant 
    Increased transplantation rate at recipient location of transplanted hair by limiting pull phenomena at donor area prior to hair transplantation to maximize operational effect.

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